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Speaking at TOC Europe’s Container Supply Chain Conference in London, freight insurance specialist TT Club’s Mike Yarwood has warned of the increasing dangers posed by ‘cyber-criminals’ targeting carriers, ports, terminals and other transport operators. Examples of computer hacking affecting organisations, companies and individuals are numerous.  Data and information used to focus on high value cargo and susceptible loads.

The TT Club, the leading international transport and logistics insurance provider, today announces its financial results for the year ended 31 December 2013, maintaining its A- (Excellent) rating by agency AM Best for the 8th consecutive year.

The TT Club, the leading international transport and logistics insurance provider, today announces its financial results for the year ended 31 December 2013, maintaining its A- (Excellent) rating by agency AM Best for the 8th consecutive year.

As the container capacity of ships increases, it is time to consider the resultant volume of ship’s gear (lashing bars and twistlocks), and how they are handled and stored. Commonly, the operation for fitting twistlocks has moved from the container top to the quayside, necessitating the transfer of the requisite gear from the ship to the quayside before discharging or loading can commence.

The ‘safety first’ message seems to be getting through. At industry conferences, TT Club has often felt alone speaking about safety – and the subject itself has frequently been accommodated at the end of the schedule. In that context at least, safety definitely did not come first. Happily, the culture in operations and at conferences seems to have changed.

While attention, not unreasonably, has centred on the number of containers that fell overboard from 'Svendborg Maersk' during extremely heavy weather, it should be recognised that identical forces were exerted on the cargo packed within the containers that remained on board. ICHCA, supported by the TT Club, is launching an awareness campaign under the slogan ‘PACK IT IN’.  

The full adoption of the IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of practice for packing cargo transport units (CTU Code) took a massive step forwards as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) moved to protect the lives and safety of both workers and the general public by endorsing the draft document without amendment at its session 25-17 February 2014. It is expected that the competent bodies within IMO and ILO will similarly endorse the CTU Code during the course of 2014.

Insurance Day interview: Charles Fenton chief executive, and Andrew Kemp, EMEA regional director, TT Club

TT Club would like to highlight a recent preliminary ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Nipponkoa Insurance v. Inter-Zuid Transport (Judgment 19 December 2013). Its importance is that German courts cannot now ignore declaratory proceedings made by courts in other EU Member States.

The use of unsuitable or unsafe ships’ gear for cargo handling risks death or serious injury to those using it and damage to the lifting gear itself, other parts of the ship and/or to the cargo being handled. Incidents have arisen through lack of maintenance or repair, and unsafe and unfit conditions for use. Who should do what?

All cargo ships, without exception, have some form of gear and equipment on board. Incidents have highlighted the need for greater clarity over the inspection and maintenance regime internationally. Here, we explore the background and proposals.  

Andrew Kemp, regional director, EMEA for freight transport insurance provider TT Club looks at the growing economy of Turkey, its growing trade potential and the ramifications for freight transport operators.  

TT Club, the insurance specialist serving the global freight industry, continues to support innovation in the logistics sector.<s></s>

Help define how loss prevention information can be delivered or modified for your operations to match your work practices and advancing technology. The TT Club, together with ICHCA International, invite you to complete a quick four question survey. Your feedback will greatly help us develop loss prevention solutions in 2014 that better support sound operational decisions and augment on-going training.

The European Commission estimated that the value of cargo stolen in transit was around EUR8.2 billion per annum. The TT Club has seen an increase in the role fraud is playing in such losses. There is a marked trend in organised crime posing as legitimate operators or using internet cargo clearing sites to facilitate the theft of high value cargo. Perhaps most worrying is that this is global.  

Whilst technological advances undoubtedly provide greater operational efficiencies and opportunities for carriers and operators to mitigate their exposure to theft and fraud, unfortunately they equally benefit organised criminal organisations. As invasive cyber-technology becomes more widely available, the TT Club suggests that what has been observed in recent months could be a significant emerging risk to legitimate trade, exposing the operators in the supply chain to economic and commercial damage. 

Mike Yarwood, TT Club's Claims Executive examines some of the dangerous shortcuts that employees at road haulage companies sometimes take, often when they are under the misguided impression that their time or effort can be saved. 

Despite significant political, legislative and judicial developments in the two months since Hassan Rouhani was elected President of Iran, the current EU and US sanctions against Iran remain by far the most onerous sanctions. Where sanctions in general are complex and require close attention, any business engaging in any trade which has any connection with Iran has to pay particular attention to the onerous restrictions and recognise the significant ‘teeth’ behind the political positioning.

Freedom in international trade in the 21st century remains littered with obstacles and barriers, most of which will be accommodated in the normal course of business. The political and volatile subject of sanctions presents an extremely important hurdle that every company involved in handling and transporting cargo internationally needs to approach with diligence.

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