Case 1 Carrying Equipment

Case 1 Carrying Equipment

A shipper booked then controlled-temperature containers from a member's local agent for consignments of seafood. The containers were not returned to the terminal in time for the nominated vessel; the shipper explained that the consignment was not ready in time. Over the following ten days, the shipper continued to postpone the shipment and eventually told the agent that it would cancel the order and return the empty units, but they never arrived back at the yard. Investigations by the Club and local police revealed that the "shipper" was a bogus company. The containers, worth some USD 30,000 each, were never located. It is assumed that they were repainted and given a new identity before being sold for use in domestic haulage operations.

A number of members have suffered similar thefts and the Club has put out a general warning to members to be on their guard against possible further attempts to steal valuable equipment.

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