TT Club were proud to be supporting the Big Row

  • Date: 10/09/2013
TT Club were proud to be supporting the Big Row

Spitalfields market was transformed on the evening of 11th September 2013 when 77 teams making up 770 rowers rowed 1 million metres in The Big Row. This major City event was raising money for the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust, a charity created to renovate the ship Chauncy Maples on Lake Malawi and bring vital healthcare to remote villages in a country that has only 250 doctors for its entire population of 16 million.

Angela Rippon, Katie Derham and Robert Terharne-Jones compered the evening and rowers were entertained by a Japanese Drumming Group and 'Bond' string quartet. The aim of the event was to raise £500,000 and the target is almost reached!

TT Club's involvement

TT Club had three teams of 10 rowers: TT Youth (under 35s), TT Veterans (over 35s) and TT Management. If you would like to donate to a very worthwhile cause. Please feel free to donate to each of the following teams:

Why Lake Malawi?

Malawi is one of the ten poorest nations in the world, where:

  • Average life expectancy is 50 years.
  • 78% of the population live in poverty.
  • The under-five death rate is 30 times worse than that in Europe or America.
  • 250 doctors serve 15 million people (in the UK, we have 44,000 doctors serving the same population).

In places on the shores of Lake Malawi, there are no roads and/or access to health services, so the Chauncy Maples will bring much-needed healthcare to the region. Improving people’s health enables them to farm, fish and live more productively. The Trust is also working on a health project to benefit all 500,000 lake dwellers plus develop tourism.

Chauncy Maples’ history

Chauncy Maples has a fabulous history and a bright future. The ship and the drowned missionary bishop, after whom she is named, are much loved in Malawi.

  • Built in Glasgow in 1899 and then taken to bits.
  • Transported by ship to Mozambique and then by barge up river.
  • 3,481 parcels individually carried overland with the 1 1 ton boiler pulled by 450 people.
  • Reconstructed at Lake Malawi.
  • Sailed until 1992 as a mission ship, gun boat, fishing ship and a ferry
  • Now being reconstructed to sail as a mobile clinic in 2014.

The Chauncy Maples medical crew will go ashore in a different village each day, and will conduct a ‘GP’ type surgery. She will be staffed by nurses, because of the lack of doctors. We are also looking to address wider health issues around the lake. Malawi has few opportunities to promote itself and the Chauncy Maples story has the ability to change that.

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