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From the start of 2020, our industry has not been alone in experiencing unprecedented disruption, bringing both personal and professional challenges. The value of working together, communicating with each other and sharing our viewpoints has never been greater.

Throughout, TT Club’s commitment to supporting our Members, their brokers and our industry as a whole has remained steadfast. Understanding how recent events have affected your priorities and requirements is vital for shaping the services we deliver and the way we deliver them. Which is why this 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey is our most important yet.

In this 2021 survey, 165 TT Club Members and brokers responded to give us feedback on our performance and standard of service, and – more importantly – to let us know how their needs have changed.

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Our customers are increasingly satisfied, rating the club’s performance higher year on year.

Acts in Members' best interests

The four factors which identified the most important drivers of our Members’ and brokers’ level of satisfaction with their insurance provider.

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From the pandemic and Brexit to digitalisation, we wanted to know whether and to what degree your requirements from us may have changed. Your responses were both illuminating and encouraging.