Representing every type of operator and every region of the world.

Our Board of Directors is drawn from the Club's membership. Our structure means that the Membership can input into key decisions that we make about the types of risk we underwrite, our strategic direction, the awarding of discretionary payments and other financial considerations.

There are two Boards of Directors: Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Limited (Bermuda) or ‘TTB’ and TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited (UK) or ‘TTI’. TTB is a much larger group that meets three times a year and provides leadership and industry view that impacts long-term strategy. TTI is a subsidiary of TTB and a much smaller group that meets more frequently to provide closer oversight of the Club’s operational and financial performance.

Our Board

Morten Engelstoft

TT Club Chairman (Genoa)

Josef Küttel

TT Club Deputy Chairman (Zurich)

Andrew Abbott

Director of TTB (ACL, New Jersey)

Kristinn Albertsson

Director of TTB (Samskip, The Netherlands)

Giuseppe Benelli

Director of TTB (Specialist Director - Investment)

Hans-Jörg Bertschi

Director of TTB (Bertschi Group, Dürrenäsch)

Marika Calfas

Director of TTB (NSW Ports, Sydney)

John Chambers

Director of TTB, Director of TTI (Specialist Director - Underwriting)

Chang Yen-I

Director of TTB (Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd)

Chen Xiang

Director of TTB (COSCO Shipping Lines, Shanghai)

Julian Chowdhury

CFO, Director of TTB, Director of TTI

M: +44 (0)7795 617986


Stephen Edwards

Director of TTB (Virginia Port Authority, Norfolk)

Timothy Faries

Director of TTB (Appleby, Bermuda)

Charles Fenton

CEO, Director of TTB, Director of TTI

T: +44 (0) 20 7204 2346

M: +44 (0) 7887 407164


Anthony Fullbrook

Director of TTB (OEC Group, New York)

Marcus Hine

Director of TTB, Director of TTI (Specialist Director - Finance)

Roberto Murchison

Director of TTB (Murchison Group, Argentina)

Yuvraj Narayan

Director of TTB (DP World, Dubai)

Jaime Neal

Director of TTB (Carrix, Seattle)

Jeremy Nixon

Director of TTB (Ocean Network Express, Singapore)

Miguel d'Orey

Director of TTB, Director of TTI (Orey Shipping SL, Lisbon)

Robert Owens

Director of TTB (Nautilus International Holding Corporation, Long Beach)

Niels Smedegaard

Director of TTB, Director of TTI (DFDS Group, Copenhagen)

Keith Svendsen

Director of TTB (APM Terminals, The Hague)

Sutep Tranantasin

Director of TTB (RCL, Bangkok)