Why Pledge?

As a provider of sustainability tools built for freight forwarders, Pledge were identified as a key partner for TT Club in the delivery of the ESG toolkit. In particular, the addition of an emissions calculator enabling freight forwarders to add accredited emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting to their services. Providing global coverage across all modes of transport, Pledge’s tools are a valuable resource for all in the freight forwarding community.

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Pledge Calculator

The emissions calculator

Pledge’s emissions calculator has been developed by utilising their accredited technology and it delivers simple, practical access to a tool that could become integral to understanding and managing your operational emissions.  

Pledge's blog

This area provides a depth of insight and guidance across a range of relevant topics from measuring emissions to navigating applicable regulations.

There is helpful guidance on understanding emissions reduction, reflections from COP27 and advice on why sustainability is key to your business growth.

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ISO Pledge

ISO 14083: A guide for freight forwarders

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has introduced ISO 14083: Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions arising from transport chain operations.

2024 Decarbonisation Trends Pledge

With this rising demand for sustainable supply chains in mind, what does 2024 have in store for freight forwarders? Pledge collected together thoughts on trends and initiatives you should prepare for in the coming year.

Carbon Removal Certificate

Carbon Offsetting Projects — Understanding the Types, Costs and Scope

Avoidance and removal offsets are both essential if we’re to hit our global net zero targets. Relying just on removal doesn’t prevent new emissions from being released. 

Carbon Removal Spotlight

Carbon removal spotlight — ocean carbon dioxide removal

We live on a blue planet. For billions of years, the oceans — not the atmosphere — have been the centre of our climate system. The deep ocean is the largest slow carbon reservoir on the planet that, by current estimates, stores 39,000 gigatons of dissolved carbon. 

Knowledge base

Pledge offer free access to their Knowledge base. This valuable resource provides deeper insight into a range of topics, providing practical guidance while demystifying complex topics. 

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Remember to conduct further research

We have sought to identify strategic partners that we deem to be knowledgeable and trustworthy, and that provide a service we believe to be of value to our membership. Of course, every business is unique, and therefore it is essential to conduct thorough due diligence prior to engaging with any partner or contractor to ensure that their service is appropriate for your business.