As a specialist in transport and logistics, with over 50 years' experience, we've seen almost every type of claim you can imagine. Our global reach and access to experts means that we can handle your claims quickly and efficiently.

TT Club has unparalleled experience in transport and logistics insurance. At any one time, we handle around 10,000 open claims files - covering everything from bodily injuries, contractual disputes and misdeclared cargo to forklift truck collisions and sinking ships. This wealth of experience brings you:

  • Experience in helping you to avoid unnecessary risks
  • A single source of knowledge, readily available
  • Confident judgements on whether a claim is worth pursuing in court or not
  • Support from specialist surveyors, lawyers and other experts

Added value for insurance claims management

24-hour claims hotline

24-hour hotline for claims assistance. Simply call: +44 7000 882582

Members not customers

The TT Club is a mutual organisation, owned by its Members. From the minute you join us, you will notice the difference:

  • Our people share the Club’s culture of being on your side
  • You can opt to deal with local offices across the globe or through a central contact
  • A named individual will oversee each claim, swiftly and efficiently
  • Directors have discretion to pay claims, which may not be clearly covered
  • Our online portal allows you to track your claims progress online, 24/7

Keeping you out of the courts

As part or the Thomas Miller Group, we have access to experienced claims assessors, surveyors, legal teams and other experts on every continent. Our aim is always to find the best outcome for our Members. Often that means negotiating settlements that avoid lengthy and costly legislation.

Global reach

With 20 claims offices across 18 countries, covering many jurisdictions, we can handle your claims in a local language, respecting local culture and compliance. Our local claims network can be at the scene of an incident within hours, providing assistance and collecting findings that might prove useful in third party recovery.

An integrated service

Unlike general insurers, we are transport specialists. Our network of local partners – spanning 20 countries – share our integrated IT systems. Our extensive geographic reach ensures we can always get the right person on site quickly – a local expert who not only speaks the language and appreciates the culture, but also understands all the applicable laws and regulations.

Our service commitment to insurance claims management

Our service commitment acts as a clear measurement of the level of service that our Members can expect from us. We conduct regular customer surveys to ensure that we continue to act on feedback and meet these expectations. 

With regards to our claims management service, we will:

  • Maintain a consistent and fair approach to our handling of any claims particularly in relation to the interpretation of cover
  • Handle your claims in an efficient, cost-effective manner, following our best practice claims handling guidelines
  • Manage claims handling costs from third-party suppliers to ensure cost-effective claims services are provided
  • Reimburse authorised claims within 10 days
  • Provide you with a bespoke claims handling protocol tailored to your needs (if required)


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