TT Club insurance for ship operators offers a comprehensive package of liability and equipment cover to ship owners, charterers and combined transport operators in deep sea, short sea and river trades.

Designed to operate in conjunction with P&I cover, TT Club cover can include protection for wider business activities such as freight forwarding, ships' agency or terminal operations. TT Club cover also provides protection for investment in capital equipment required by most finance houses and comprehensive liability and equipment insurance to meet lessors' insurance needs. Our cover is designed to operate alongside other insurances, minimising the chance of gaps or overlapping covers.

TT's standard insurance for ship operators includes access to our worldwide equipment survey programme, designed to speed up claims processing and provide a body of loss prevention data accessible to Members. Our policies are tailor-made to meet your precise needs.

Who we insure

  • Containers
  • Chassis
  • Gensets
  • Igloos
  • Rolling stocks
  • Swap bodies
  • Trailers

Typical cover for Ship Operators

  • Liabilities for loss of, or damage to, cargo, customers' equipment and ships
  • Loss of, or damage to, equipment including loss due to strikes, riots and terrorist risks
  • General average and salvage
  • Third party liabilities linking with P&I cover, e.g. carriage on land
  • Cargo liabilities due to defective equipment during pre or on carriage arranged by shipper or receiver
  • Fines imposed by an authority which are not covered by P&I insurance, e.g. confiscation of insured equipment
  • Investigation, defence and mitigation costs
  • Disposal, quarantine and disinfection costs 

Additional cover for Ship Operators

  • Forwarding liabilities when arranging pre and on-carriage
  • Political risks including war risks on land, capture, seizure and requisition of equipment
  • Ships' agency liabilities
  • USA chassis liability


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