What is the ESG toolkit?

TT Club stands together with its Members in providing access to this ESG supply chain toolkit. This is a resource where you can access insight, educational content and support focused on a range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics to assist your business to navigate your unique ESG journey. Of course, each business is unique, and therefore it is essential to undertake thorough due diligence prior to engaging with any service provider.

In collaboration with our Members, strategic partners and service providers, this toolkit aspires to demystify complex matters and provides signposts to strategies and solutions to challenges such as emissions calculation, reduction and reporting, alongside social aspects such as attracting and retaining staff and maintaining their well-being.

Developing over time, this ESG toolkit will showcase success stories from the industry and demonstrate the art of the possible through a series of case studies, providing building blocks for your business to consider incorporating into your ESG strategy.

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How is TT Club focusing on its own ESG journey?

Find out more about how TT has committed to a focus on improving with regards to ESG matters.