TT Club Forwarders provides freight forwarders and those involved in logistics the ability to offer immediate insurance cover for their customer's cargo. Our shipper's interest policy differs from traditional cargo policies as it provides cover for each individual consignment on a pay-on-use basis.

Who we insure

We insure small to medium-sized shippers of cargo internationally by all modes of transport including intermodal voyages and work with you to provide the exact cover that meets your needs.

As a forwarder, you can secure coverage on a per shipment basis for yourself or on behalf of your clients without underwriting intervention as long as the shipment is within the agreed policy full terms and conditions.

Unlike our liability cover, you do not need to be a Member of the Club to book our cargo cover. 

Typical cover for Freight Forwarders

Subject to agreement, the typical cover offers protection from physical loss or damage to in-transit cargo on an "ICC A/All Risks" basis. Cover is based on the latest version of the Institute Cargo Clauses and includes:

  • "All Risks" cover including accidental damage
  • Theft
  • General Average
  • Fire and explosion
  • Piracy

Cover is available for various modes of transport and insured interest types.

Please note that cover does not include wear and tear, consequential loss or liabilities. For liabilities insurance, please consider TT Club's Transport & Logistics Operator Cover.

Benefits for Freight Forwarders

Once you have agreed your policy with us, you will have access to our online shipment booking website which provides you with:

  • Instant and secure online quote facility
  • 24/7 access to all policy information 
  • Support from a dedicated cargo underwriter
  • Monthly billing in a single currency for all booked shipments 
  • Seamless employee login management
  • Pre-bind sanctions screening
  • Instant access to a comprehensive 'How to' library of user guides and videos to assist your users at every step of the way

Please note that if you would prefer to provide shipment data via declaration, we can work with you to accommodate this.

Our policy wordings

Your policy, once agreed by TT Club, is comprised of the Policy Wording, the Policy Schedule (outlining the terms, rates, and conditions), any applicable Institute Cargo Clauses stated within, and the Certificate(s) of Marine Cargo Insurance issued in accordance with the Policy Wording. 

Our standard policy wordings can be found in the downloads section below. Please note that we may use different securities depending on your jurisdiction. Your Policy Schedule will clearly articulate the security used. 

EU Insurance Product Information documents provide a summary of the benefits included, exclusions, restrictions, areas of cover, how your policy is paid and your rights and obligations. These can be found below, and vary depending on your jurisdiction. 

All documents related to you policy will be available to view online at any time on our shipment booking website.

Geographical restrictions

TT Club has the right to limit geographical cover based on:

  • Countries where the local legislation decrees insurance must be effected locally;
  • Countries classified by the Joint Cargo Committee (JCC) as offering an enhanced risk in terms of War & Strikes coverage for goods in transit and/or storage and/or static exposures;
  • Countries where trade is subject to international sanctions.

For more information, please contact your cargo underwriting contact found at the top of this page.

Product documentation

  • TTClub_Forwarders_Cargo_Policy_Wordings_2021 344 KB


    Download PDF
  • Forwarders cargo cover document 193 KB


    Download PDF

IPID documents

  • Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Commercial_NV 316 KB


    Download PDF
  • Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Consumer__Household_NV 320 KB


    Download PDF
  • Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Consumer__Motor_NV 321 KB


    Download PDF
  • EU__Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Commercial_ 309 KB


    Download PDF
  • EU__Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Consumer__Household_ 312 KB


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  • EU__Insurance_Product_Information_Document__Consumer__Motor_ 313 KB


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