Following the path of the transport revolution.

TT Club has single-mindedly served the international transport community since 1968 - the year that the first purpose-built container ship took to the seas.


1956: the birth of the container age. 

In 1956, the first strengthened containers were loaded onto a spar deck of the converted tanker, Ideal X. This marked the fulfilment of a dream for American trucker, Malcom McLean, who had, since 1937, been working on how to reduce the long hours for dockers waiting to stow or unload their vehicles on or off ships. The container age was quietly born.

It was McLean's significant involvement that set the wheels in motion to put containerisation into practice, but it was not until 1968 that the first purpose-built cellular container ship took to the high seas.

This revolution in international freight transport forever changed shipowner's insurance requirements. Whereas before they only needed insurance cover 'port to port,' they began to assume responsibility for the transportation of the container, and the cargo inside, from 'door to door'.

The P&I Clubs who traditionally covered ship's cargo at sea made a policy decision at the time that they were going to remain water borne insurers and therefore they were not prepared to cover the containers ashore, either for the risks of cargo liability or third party damage. Additionally, they also avoided insuring the 'hulls' of containers.

Shipowners who were going into containerisation on the Atlantic trade were faced with either obtaining insurance from the commercial market or creating a mutual alternative. So the 'Through Transit Club', shortened to the 'TT Club', was formed with the principle purpose of providing shipowners with insurance protection for damage to the containers on both land and sea.

TT Club was established as a mutual non-profit insurer, similar to the P&I Clubs, using all premiums and investment income for paying claims, administration costs and building up reserves with the Board of Directors drawn from the Club's membership. There were originally three joint managers all drawn from the P&I sector, although Thomas Miller assumed sole responsibility and remains the management company today.

In 2018, we celebrated our 50th birthday and launched "Brave New World? - Container transport in 2043" report in conjunction with global management consulting firm McKinsey, to look at the future of containerised trade.

In 2019, we launched our digital service platform, offering Members and brokers 24/7 access to policy documentation.

In October 2019, we were named Marine Insurer of the Year at the Maritime Standard Awards.

In July 2016, Ulrich Kranich is appointed TT's Chairman stepping up from his previous role as Director. 

In July 2013, we appointed a new Network Partner in Mumbai, India, to further the reach of our local claims handling service. 

In 2010, we launched our Cargo Product enabling freight forwarders to offer instant cover for their customer's cargo.

In September 2016, TT are awarded the Insurance Day Maritime Insurance Award for collaborative work on loss prevention, in particular with the critical issue of mandatory container weighing.

In 2008, Knud Pontoppidan stepped up as the Club's Chairman.

In 2005, in response to the lengthening global supply chain and changing role of freight forwarders, we launched our Logistics Operator cover.

In 1995, we opened offices in Genoa and Antwerp. In 1996 we created ClaimsTracTM, enabling the progress of individual claims to be monitored online. In 1997 we opened our Singapore office and then in 1998 our offices opened in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan.
In 1988, we launched our Port Authority product to cover the landlord and non-operational risks.
In 1976, we opened an office in Sydney and in 1977 we opened offices in New York and Hong Kong.
In 1969, we expanded our initial insurance offering and introduced cover for container terminals

Representing every type of operator and every region of the world, our Board of Directors is drawn from the Club's membership.