Risk management guidance for the handling and transportation of grain.

TT Club provides liability, property and equipment insurance to grain storage facilities, bulk inland terminals, bulk marine terminals, transport operators and stevedores.

In addition to our industry-leading cover, Members of the TT Club benefit from a vast range of risk management guidance from webinars and guides to bespoke risk assessments and tailored advice.

This page pulls together our publicly available information relating to the transportation or handling of grain to help our Members and the wider industry understand and mitigate the risks. 

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Rhys Richards

Senior Underwriter - Australasia
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Understand the risks of shipping bulk grain in containers

Improper packing of bulk grain cargo can lead to the distortion of the container, compromising structural integrity, spillage of contents, contamination, and injury to workers when opening container doors.

Bulk Grain Terminal From Above Green Fields And Storage

Join us at the Australian Grains Industry Conference this year!

We'll be in Melbourne this July to answer your questions about mitigating the risks of handling and transporting grains, making your operations safer and more sustainable in the long term.