Liability for damage to product is covered both in storage and in transit, reducing the need for separate policies. Cover also includes public liability for bodily injury at site and during movement of the cargo (e.g. during handling by a third party at delivery).

The cover is designed to package a number of risk exposures, minimising the chance of gaps or overlapping insurance. As well as liability insurance, the Club offers insurance for property and handling equipment, thus protecting against accidental and weather damage, machinery breakdown or increased cost of working following an accident.

TT Club also provides comprehensive loss prevention and risk assessment services.

Typical cover

  • Loss or damage to cargo (including contamination and infestation) and customer’s equipment
  • Loss or damage to owned equipment including strikes, riots and terrorist risks
  • Liability for financial losses arising from errors and omissions including incorrect weighing, incorrect testing/sampling results and delay
  • Public liability including sudden accidental pollution
  • Fines for breach of regulation such as quarantine, pollution and safety at work
  • Investigation and defence costs with a nil deductible
  • Disposal costs following an accident
  • Quarantine and disinfection costs with a nil deductible
  • Mitigation costs subject to the deductible applicable for the claim being mitigated

Property covers (based on an ISR Mark IV wording, if required)

  • Buildings, docks, wharves, jetties, berths and quays
  • Bunkers and weighbridges
  • Machinery, handling equipment, locomotives and rolling stock
  • Contents
  • Business interruption

Additional cover may include

  • Fire legal liability
  • Infringement of personal rights
  • Liability as a supplier of advice and information


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TT Club provides in depth risk management guidance on the transport and handling of grains.

Please visit our relevant loss prevention information page for more information.