Controlling risk, reducing exposure. Supporting Members, leading the industry.

TT Club's Risk Management team is committed to the ongoing development of advice and information to make the global transport and logistics industry safer and more secure. This includes:

  • Providing support to reduce the risk of claims occurrence
  • Promoting ‘best practice’ opportunities
  • Helping to improve risk assessment, mitigation and control

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Publications and advice

TT Club produces a number of regular publications including news updates via TT Talk, our email newsletter. We also have various risk management guides and handbooks to provide you with essential support.

NEW Brexit resource page

Recognising that clarity does not exist for every function or role at this time, this webpage is intended to provide a balanced resource for stakeholders in the supply chain, collating available information, providing answers and guidance to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable there is a smooth transition into 2021. It may be prudent for businesses to seek professional/legal guidance regarding particular aspects of the pending changes in order to fully protect your business.