As ship sizes continue to grow, cargo handling facilities face mounting pressure in relation to productivity, which in turn can lead to a new or increased level of risk. As well as liability for damage to customer's cargo, ships and containers, your business may be exposed to domestic and international third-party risks. The increasing levels of compensation paid in bodily injury cases highlight this exposure.

We tailor-make policies to reflect the risks you face. Our cover is designed to operate alongside other insurances, minimising the chance of gaps or overlapping covers.

Who we insure

  • Airfreight handing terminals
  • Bulk marine terminals
  • Container freight stations
  • Container storage depots
  • Inland clearance depots
  • Marine terminals
  • River terminals
  • Stevedores

Typical cover

  • Liabilities for loss of, or damage to, cargo, customers' equipment and ships
  • Loss of, or damage to, equipment including loss due to strikes, riots and terrorist risks
  • Liabilities arising from errors and omissions including delay and unauthorised delivery
  • Third party liabilities including impact and sudden accidental pollution
  • Fines for regulatory breach such as customs, pollution and safety at work
  • Investigation, defence and mitigation costs
  • Disposal costs following an accident
  • Quarantine and disinfection costs

Additional cover

  • Business interruption risks
  • Fire legal liability
  • Hull and P&I risks
  • Infringement of personal rights
  • Liability as a supplier of advice and information
  • Property, from building and berths to fork lifts and conveyors
  • Ships' agency liabilities


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