TT Club has been underwriting business globally for over 50 years. Unlike general insurers, we are leading transport specialists with experience underwriting ship operator, port and terminal and transport operator cover products since their inception.

With hundreds of years of combined experience spread across 20 countries worldwide, we consider ourselves experts in our field and work hard to develop our cover as the world changes. We understand that as the supply chain develops and evolves, so does your business and the risk that it faces.

Acceptance criteria

We typically support Members with a minimum premium of US$15,000, although we'd be happy to discuss your particular needs. We are a liability-led insurer and write property cover as part of a package of insurance, but not on a standalone basis.

What we need from you

We aim to provide you with a quote as quickly as possible, although as we tailor each quote, it can sometimes take time to make sure it's right for you. To ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, the key information we need at the start of the process includes:

  • Type of business
  • Approximate size of business
  • Location of business 

The best way to find out what we need from you to provide a quote is to get in touch.

Adding value 

As a Member service, we continually seek to add value through the following:

  • Loss prevention
  • Industry involvement
  • Developing best practice
  • Expert publications 
  • Training and support
  • Digital services

Our service commitment

Our service commitment acts as a clear measurement of the level of service that our Members can expect from us. We conduct regular customer surveys to ensure that we continue to act on feedback and meet these expectations.

With regards to our underwriting service, we will:

  • Charge a fair but competitive premium for risks presented
  • Provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the risk brought to the Club in terms of our understanding of the exposure
  • Explain our cover to you in sufficient detail
  • Produce an accurate certificate of insurance setting out the terms of cover within 30 days of binding a risk
  • Give at least 30 days' notice of forthcoming renewals
  • Reply to all new enquiries within one working day


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