Our commitment to maintaining market-leading service now that the UK has left the EU. 

The Club has the necessary arrangements in place to ensure its Members and their brokers can continue to receive the level of service they have come to expect now that the UK has left the EU.

From 1 January 2021, all renewing and new EEA business will be fronted by UK P&I Club N.V. (UKNV) a business also managed by Thomas Miller. 

As you will see in the below circulars and FAQs, the way you communicate with us will not change in any way and you will continue to receive the market-leading level of service for which the Club has become well known.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by submitting an enquiry opposite, or simply get in touch with your usual Club contact.


The Club's European Economic Area (EEA) business will be fronted by UK P&I Club N.V. (UKNV), a business also managed by Thomas Miller. From 1 January 2021, new and renewing EEA business is being written through UKNV and wholly reinsured to TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited (TTI).

There are a number of benefits to a fronted solution, which make this the appropriate model to write the Club's EEA business. Once fully explored, the considerable demands and distractions of running an additional licensed insurance company, together with the additional cost of this solution were assessed against the simplicity and flexibility of a fronted solution facilitated by another Thomas Miller-managed company. The fronted solution allows us to maintain our market-leading standard of service.

There will be no material difference to your experience working with us. Your usual Club contact will remain the same, there will be no extra cost or complexity on your part and you will continue to communicate with us as you do already. You can expect the same excellent standard of service.

No. Your rights as a Member will not be impacted.

No. On renewal, your TT Club policy will be fronted through UKNV. Claims will continue to be handled in the usual way by our experienced claims handlers and in line with EEA regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct these to your usual TT Club contact, who will be happy to assist. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry on the TT Club website by choosing "request call back" on the "Contact us" page.

No. You will continue to be a Member of the TT Club.


No, the fronted solution ensures the Club can continue to service its Members and their brokers without disruption. The TT Club will transact business with all brokers who satisfy the EEA's applicable legislation, Directive (EEA) 2016/97 (the Insurance Distribution Directive or "IDD"). Brokers themselves must ensure they comply with IDD.

No, your current contact will liaise with UKNV where needed.

Documentation & payments

No, you will see little change, save that the legal risk carrier will be UKNV. All Members will be covered on the same basis via the TT Club wordings.

Yes. All Club debit notes contain full banking details, including those of the relevant UKNV bank account. Should you have any concerns or want to check the bank details, please call your usual TT Club contact.


There will be no change to how you would usually negotiate a renewal or quote with us. You will still liaise with your usual contact and they will deal with UKNV regarding any necessary approval for EEA risks.

Thomas Miller has, as part of the preparations for post-Brexit planning established an office in the EU, in Rotterdam. TT Club resource is in place in this office and it is the intention to use this office as a base from which to further raise the standards of Member servicing and ensure new business growth in EU markets.

Claims handling

Claims for UKNV fronted business will continue to be handled in the usual way by our experienced claims handlers and in line with EEA regulatory requirements. Again, you will not see any impact on the claims service you receive. Please continue to liaise with your current claims contact.

No. We have worked to ensure that your experience with the Club remains unchanged and you should report claims to your usual contact as you usually would.


The Club has consulted the relevant regulators throughout the entire process. The fronted model has been notified to the Club's UK regulator, the PRA, and we have engaged with relevant EEA regulators to agree service continuity arrangements for our Members.

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How is Brexit affecting your business?

As a result of GB's decision to leave the EU, there will be significant changes to the processes of moving good. All stakeholders involved in the cross-border movement of goods are likely to be affected be they hauliers, freight forwarders, ports and terminals.

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