TT Club Innovation in Safety Award 2022 - LIVE ceremony

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On 23 February 2023, we will be announcing the winner of the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award 2022. This event sees the celebration of creative health and safety professionals throughout the cargo industry. With over 20 entrants, the submissions this year have ranged from the digitalisation of processes and improvement of physical safety to fire prevention and data monitoring.


During the hybrid ceremony guests will hear from our keynote speaker, Morten Engelstoft, who has over 30 years' experience at A.P. Moller - Maersk and vast experience of what it takes to implement solid safety practices in the global transport and logistics industry.


We will also hear from two panel sessions made up of innovators, operators and industry professionals discussing safety concerns, industry developments and barriers to adoption. Each panel will look to give a rounded and open view of what it takes to develop and bring to market successful, innovative solutions that make a real difference to safety in the global supply chain. 

Panel 1: Innovating to improve health and safety in cargo handling

Our first panel welcomes speakers from Rombit, an innovative provider of wearable safety technology, Health and Safety Executive, DP World and ICHCA International to discuss how innovative technology and processes can improve the safety of workers in cargo handling operations. 

Panel 2: How can the industry innovate to mitigate the risk and container loss? 

The second panel welcomes speakers from ConexBird, a provider of technology that aims to measure the structural condition of a container with speed and precision, Lloyd's Register SafetyTech Accelerator and TT Club. During this panel, we will look to understand how this technology could mitigate the risk of container loss and damage, and what's involved from taking an innovation from concept to widespread adoption.

Hearing from our finalists

We will then move on to announce the three finalists that have been judged best out of the 20 award entrants, welcoming them each to the stage to present their innovation to our audience. Once the audience has heard from our three finalists, the winner will be announced by our keynote speaker, Morten Engelstoft. 

If you would like a sneak preview of some of our brilliant entrants, ICHCA has been profiling each one on their LinkedIn page

Join us

So, which demonstrated the greatest improvement in safety for cargo handling and transport and showed the greatest potential for widespread adoption? Sign up and join us free to find out! The session will be recorded and made available on our website.

This is a hybrid event hosted by TOC in London and we do have limited spaces available, so if you would like to attend in person please get in touch for more information

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