Innovation in Safety award virtual presentation

The ICHCA International (ICHCA) and TT Club collaboration once more recognised the crucial role played by organisations across the world in constantly searching for better solutions to the challenges of improved safety in the cargo handing industry.  While the three short-listed entries, and particularly the eventual winner VIKING, were to be congratulated, the efforts of all the organisations that provided details of their innovations are to be admired.  Their striving for improved safety underlines the need for increased vigilance in the cargo handling and freight transport sector to reduce the loss of life and damage to property while facilitating global trade.

The ceremony, held virtually at TT Club’s offices in London was aired this afternoon and addressed by Heike Deggim, Director of Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO), which has been a consistent supporter of the Awards both currently, and in the past. 

Hosting the presentation on behalf of ICHCA was Richard Steele, the association’s CEO. “The list of innovations from our award entrants is truly exciting,” he said. “Innovation doesn’t just happen by itself.  All the participants have put in hard work, drive and ambition and I am sure there are many entries not short-listed today that will inspire others in the industry and achieve practical success in reducing accidents.  To that end we will be providing a digest of all the entries in the coming months.” Steele also thanked the panel of judges, made up of professionals from across the industry including representation from the International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF) for their dedicated conscientious work.

The Presentation Includes:

  • Presentations for each of the final three entries 
  • Summary of why Safety is so important in container shipping
  • Announcement of the Winner 
  • Presentation of the award to the Winner 


  • Michael Yarwood  Managing Director Loss Prevention, TT Club
  • Peregrine Storrs-Fox, TT’s Risk Management Director
  •  Heike Deggim, Director of Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO),
  • PSA International
  • Cargotec
  • Viking Life saving equipment A/S

Mike Yarwood

TT Club