Tank container operators: risk mitigation for a sustainable future

TT Club webinar - pitting damage in tank containers
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The intermodal transport of bulk liquid and solid cargoes can present operational challenges for all actors in the transport chain. Owing to its robust design and durability the portable tank has become recognised as the safest, most cost efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly means of transporting bulk liquids and chemicals globally. The portable tank’s multimodality allows seamless transfer between road, rail and sea.

This session covers:

  • Outlook for the tank container industry
  • Current concerns and challenges
  • Regulatory considerations and drive for simplification
  • TT Club's tank container claims analysis
  • The role of cleaning documents


  • William Leigh-Pemberton, Chairman Operators Division, ITCO
  • Sabine Schultes, Senior Manager Transport & Logistics Safety, CEFIC
  • Mike Yarwood, Managing Director Loss Prevention, TT Club
  • Lutz Harder, General Secretary, EFTCO


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Mike Yarwood

TT Club