The Nautical Institute 50th Anniversary Conference AGM

Nautical institute AGM

In 2022 the South West of England Branch of The Nautical Institute will be hosting an international Conference looking at the future of the maritime profession at a time of rapid societal change. During the two days of the Conference the 50th Annual General Meeting of The Nautical Institute will be held.

The aim of the Conference is to consider the key issues which will impact on the next generation of professional mariners and how they can be best prepared to face the leadership roles which will be demanded of them: The Conference will consider;

The Marine Environment: What environmental Issues will impact on the management and operation of ships in the future?

New Technologies: How will the rapid technological change influence the role of the future maritime professional?

Future Professional Mariners: How will the training and educational needs of the future professional mariner be met ?

The Outline Programme :

Wednesday July 6th: Early Bird Welcome and Plymouth Sound Evening Cruise

Thursday July 7th: Conference 'The Future Professional Mariner' and 'The Nautical Institute AGM', to be followed in the evening by the GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY DINNER held at The Box, Plymouth's newly refurbished Museum.

Friday July 8th Conference: 'The Future Professional Mariner' followed by an evening Open Public Meeting 'One Ocean - Seven Seas'

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