The Nautical Institute 50th Anniversary conference

Nautical 50th anniversary conference

The conference will explore four principal areas: Criminalisation, Environment, Technology and Digitisation and The Role of the Seafarer and will be seeking answers to the following questions...

  • Why do countries persist in criminalising seafarers?
  • Why are seafarers arrested for events outside their control?
  • How are environmental regulations likely to develop over the next 25 years?
  • How can seafarers keep up with the IMO’s regulations but also those of national and local bodies?
  • How can seafarers keep up with fast changing technology?
  • How can conflicts between ships with a high degree of autonomy and those with little or none be managed?
  • Do seafarers require better protection for abandonment and detention onboard?
  • What can be done about these and many other issues?

Mike Yarwood will be Speaking on Criminalization in shipping at 14:45pm BST.

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