“Drowning in Data” survey

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Increasing levels of technology, systems, and data can be enabling factors for business, of course all must be ingested and handled efficiently in order to realise the best outcome. Our thirst for data continues to accelerate, however exponential data growth has the potential to overwhelm businesses who are ill prepared.

The scale of this problem needs to be quantified to highlight the daily challenges faced by personnel in Supply Chain and Logistics activities. This study, titled ‘Drowning in Data’ is unique and is designed to capture the reality of working life for participants across all sectors and provide a benchmark for the current landscape in terms of document and data replication and re-generation in trade processes.

Once this anonymous survey is completed, LogChain expects to release the initial data and findings in June 2023.

We would encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the survey which can be found here. Your contribution will be invaluable and is an opportunity to shed a light on the scale of issues faced in your sector.

This study is led by LogChain. To take part in the survey use the button below.


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