TT Club - Risk Workshop

On 4 August 2015, TT Club facilitated a half day Risk Workshop which was hosted by Maputo Port Development Company at their training room at Maputo Port in Mozambique. It was attended by MPDC, DPW Maputo Container Terminal, P&O Maritime Services, DPW Risk Management Dubai, Grindrod Risk Management Durban, and TT Club Network Partner, P&I Associates Durban. The workshop's opening address was given by Port CEO, Osorio Lucas.

The workshop was split into three areas and Part I covered liability exposures from landlord port operations, including management of anchorages, pilotage, and channel depths. Part II dealt with emergency response planning in the context of wharf and handling equipment damage caused by ship impact, and place of refuge Issues. Part III picked up on the area of subcontractors, including contract and insurance issues.

The workshop was geared to participation from port operations staff, the port captain, towage/tug operations, port property manager as well as those responsible for managing risk in the port. The workshop sought to assist in testing the operational approach to risk and systems in place to help minimise the chance of an event occurring. It aimed to help manage a situation optimally, should it happen.

Clayton Meteyard, Director Group Insurance at DP World commented, 'It was a great initiative that I believe assisted the MPDC business greatly".

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