TT Club UK Broker Seminar - Review

On the 28th of February TT Club hosted a free half day seminar on

Maximising broking opportunities in Transport & Logistics

. It was held in Birmingham and was attended by 20 brokers, many of whom were meeting the Club for the first time.

This Seminar was aimed at enhancing brokers understanding of the Transport and Logistics industry. It highlighted how the sector includes many different types of operator and gave an overview of the risk profiles of these businesses and the insurance needed.

Five members of the TT Club attended:

Leanne Hanlon (Underwriter UK and Ireland)

Brian Sullivan (Development Director - United Kingdom and Ireland)

Mike Yarwood (Claims Executive)

Ian Hulley (Senior Underwriter UK & Ireland.)

Emma Chalmers (Marketing Director)

The main part of the half day programme was a series of presentations given by Brian, Mike and Ian. The topics included 'market profile and opportunities 'frequent, severe and unusual claims' and the support the Club can provide to brokers and insureds particularly to help reduce claims'. With time at the end for brokers to speak to some of the Club's decision makers it was a great opportunity for both the Club and brokers to network and answer any questions or queries.

The seminar was deemed a huge success by the TT Club team and by the brokers who travelled from all over the country to attend. One broker saying it was '.

an excellent session. Very informative and hopefully now an aid to opening up some new business opportunities


TT Club look forward to hosting more seminars and would like to thank the brokers for attending.

Staff Author

TT Club