TT Club enters alliance to help members fight crime

6 June 2002

TT Club, the leading provider of insurance and risk management services to the international transport industry, has signed a European partnership agreement with the newly launched EUROWATCH service allowing its Members to benefit from EUROWATCH at preferential rates.

The EUROWATCH service, designed to help international road transport operators combat crimes against their vehicles when operating abroad, is unique in that it enables drivers and owners to easily summon police assistance when travelling outside their own countries.

TT Club, which has significant numbers of road transport operators and contractors among its membership, sees the EUROWATCH service as a major step-change in available anti-crime measures.

"All responsible transport operators take crime against their drivers and vehicles extremely seriously," said John Nicholls, TT Club's director responsible for loss prevention. "We believe our Members will be delighted with the opportunity to gain the benefits of the EUROWATCH service, especially at the favourable rates we have negotiated."

EUROWATCH identified that a major problem faced by lorry drivers abroad is the difficulty they have in obtaining police assistance if they become victims of a crime: police emergency numbers cannot be dialled across borders; languages spoken can be different; and tracking data cannot be forwarded. This prevents police gaining access to the very information that would be of most value to them.

EUROWATCH provides easy and convenient access to police in foreign countries. It works via a single telephone number that a subscriber can call from any country, allowing information to be communicated in any European language. A unique feature of the service is its capability to forward vehicle tracking information direct to police in real-time, enabling them to respond with greater speed and precision. This operates with all GPS-based systems. The service works through a central website

and has a network of National Service Providers in each country, who have accreditation to police and provide service cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

18 countries have EUROWATCH coverage: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Slovakia; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom.

Eventually the service will extend to more than 40 countries, covering all of Europe and the main trading regions of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

Together with signing a European Business Partner agreement with EUROWATCH, the TT Club has put in place an exclusive agreement whereby Members who register for EUROWATCH receive a 25% refund on their first year of subscription. This will only be available to members of the Club.

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