Insurance Seminar for the Ukrainian Freight Community - A Great Success

Freight insurance specialist TT Club and its long-standing partner in Eastern Europe, Panditrans recently held a Seminar in Odessa to highlight the challenges of liability risk facing regional transport operators and to explore solutions to minimise such exposure.

Just under a hundred guests attended representing the Ukrainian freight forwarding community; though a number of operators from Moldova and a group of interested insurance brokers were also present.

The day-long discussions were chaired by Mr Nedyak, President of AMEU (Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine), who moderated the debate across a total of nine varied topics ranging from transport operators' (TO) limits of liability to carrier insolvency and force majeure to cargo packing.

More informal discussions continued during the networking breaks, lunch and a final dinner in the evening.

The attendees were unanimous in their satisfaction, feeling that the seminar's content was relevant, informative and thought-provoking. TT Club and Panditrans were delighted to host the occasion and will continue with their programme of seminars throughout the region.


  • Limits of TO's liability for international and domestic transits was addressed by Alexander Petrenko of Panditrans, giving a basic outline of the applicable laws and conventions and allowing the transport operators to review the fundamentals of their liabilities.
  • The consequences of a force majeure situation and the liability for TOs that accrue were explained by Artyom Volkov of the Odessa-based law firm, ANK. 
  • The particular case of the Hanjin insolvency was considered by TT Club's London-based Regional Director, EMEA, Kevin King.  The industry's experience was carefully examined and the lessons learned emphasized. 
  • Drawing on Panditrans' considerable claims experience and referencing many case studies, Kirill Berezov took the delegates through the whole range of types and causes of TO liability.  This was a core element of the whole Seminar, underlining the critical nature of a thorough understanding of liability that forwarders must have in order to protect themselves from unforeseen risk.
  • Turning to one of TT Club's current safety campaigns, Kevin King outlined the necessity for a greater understanding of how containers and other cargo transport units (known as CTUs) should be correctly packed at origin.  TT Club is actively promoting the implementation of the IMO-backed CTU Code and Kevin gave a number of examples of how failure to abide by its guidelines can cause cargo damage, injury and even loss of life.
  • Sergey Shandra from Panditrans, Odessa and Artyom Volkov from ANK gave valuable advice on a very hot topic for Ukrainian transport operators, that of Uncollected Cargoes. Many TO's in the region have such cases outstanding with Chinese and Indian consignees.
  • The regularly contentious issues arising from Bill of Lading questions were looked at by Artyom Volkov of ANK
  • Another very topical issue, that of Uninsured Subcontractors as an Additional Risk and How to Control the problem, was tackled by Panditrans' Alexander Petrenko. Most of the road carriers in the region do not have liability insurance of any description.  There is a much greater chance of encountering a fake carrier from an uninsured subcontractor pool who would steal cargo.
  • Finally Kirill Berezov spoke about Cargoes in Tanks and Flexitanks.  Many Ukrainian TOs arrange the transport of liquid bulk cargoes, often seed oil, in tanks containers.  The business can be lucrative but certain specialised risks must be considered.  Once more Panditrans' and TT Club's claims experienced was drawn upon in order to illustrate these risks and sound advice on their avoidance presented.

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