TT Club Presents European Logistics Award at BIFA Ceremony

At the British International Freight Association (BIFA) Annual Awards Lunch in London on 19th January, the global freight insurance specialist, TT Club presented the European Logistics Award to European freight forwarder Delamode Group.

The Award attracted a wide-range of entries, which the panel of judges praised for their innovation and technical prowess. This year's winner, Delamode Group is a multi-service global forwarder with strategically located offices throughout Europe. Delamode provides freight forwarding services and supply chain management solutions to a variety of industry verticals, in particular fashion logistics.

Mike Yarwood, TT Club's Senior Loss Prevention Executive, in presenting the Award said, "TT Club is once more delighted to sponsor this Award and appreciates the role BIFA plays in encouraging best practice in the international freight and logistics industry. The judges were particularly impressed by the way Delamode Group had identified a new business opportunity and had successfully developed an innovative solution thus improving services along certain trade lanes. The result is that Delamode Group's customers benefit from much faster and more cost effective delivery options and the company has an opportunity to use this business model to serve further regions in the future.

TT Club is certainly seeing a greater degree of innovation in the services being provided by its customers. Many companies that in the past offered traditional freight forwarding now take on a much higher degree of supply chain risk and become exposed to greater liability by providing increasingly complex and sophisticated services. The trend is, however, seen as positive. The increased complexity of service offerings and the ingenuity of operators in designing alternative supply chain solutions strongly demonstrate the logisticians' value and provide opportunities for new entrants as much as established logistics companies.

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