TT Talk - Make your valuable cargoes less vulnerable

Cargo, like computer parts, mobile phones, electronic equipment, and spirits in road transit are a target for criminals. A member of the Club recently experienced two expensive thefts involving electronic equipment within the space of two months. One of the incidents happened in the Northampton industrial area of the UK, and in this case, the driver was subjected to some sort of gas being sprayed through the cab's ventilation system to ensure that he stayed asleep during the course of the theft.

Whist methods used to steal cargo from vehicles have become more sophisticated, we continue to see many forms of theft which could have been avoided. For example, successful old tricks like "round-the-corner" (or "jump up") thefts and drivers being lured from cabs by a "problem" with the vehicle, are still being used.

It is almost common knowledge among truck thieves that vehicles waiting in industrial areas may contain valuable cargo and are rich pickings. In transporting valuable cargo, the Club recommends the following simple but fundamental security tips:

- A carefully planned delivery time so as to keep parking time to a minimum;

- If overnight parking is inevitable, all drivers should be directed to park their vehicles in a secure area;

- Under no circumstances should the doors or windows be opened in an unsecured location.

Safe journey and security does not necessarily require a lot of capital investment. Good planning and procedures can be enough to discourage many criminals.

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