TT Talk - Security for airfreight and the AIMSS

The Airfreight Industry Minimum Security Standards (AIMSS) initiative is effective, practical and economical.

The AIMSS programme was borne out of the stark reality that the airfreight industry, as well as the law enforcement agencies, also had a major role to play in reducing the high level of organised crime activity in and around London Heathrow airport. The programme has been developed by, and as a direct result of, the close co-operation between the Metropolitan Police, British Airways, the Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA), the British Airports Authority (BAA), HM Revenue & Customs, the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Airline Operators Committee Cargo (AOCC) and the British International Freight Association (BIFA)

The AIMSS Document, in particular, clearly sets out the recommended minimum standards of security for warehousing, road transport and staff recruitment. It comprises of advice and a self assessment template that prepares the like of airlines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, hauliers and warehouse operators for accreditation by a police crime prevention officer. Already, over 130 companies based in the Heathrow area have been awarded an AIMSS certificate of accreditation valid for two years. This permits the recipient to use the AIMSS logo on their letterhead.

Most of the recommendations of the AIMSS do not require vast capital investment. The Club highly recommends that operators in the air cargo industry participate in the AIMSS programme and thereby enhance industry security and customer confidence.

More information is available on the AIMSS website:

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