TT Talk - Locking lights on spreader frames

When ICHCA International in its International Safety Panel (ISP) recently considered the situation regarding locking lights on spreader frames, it became apparent that a variety of different colour combinations are in use.

In order to ensure safe operations and to avoid confusion, it is clear that the colour combinations(whatever they are) should be the same wherever a driver operates and whatever equipment is being used with such spreaders. Consequently, the International Safety Panel has adopted the following simple statement:

This Panel considers that the colours of spreader frame locking lights on container lifting frames of cargo handling equipment should be standardised throughout a terminal. If drivers are liable to operate such equipment in more than one terminal, the colours of spreader frame locking lights should be standardised throughout all those terminals. The ultimate aim should be to internationally standardise the colours of all spreader frame locking lights.

The ICHCA International Safety Panel invites those concerned to consider this statement and to take the actions they consider necessary.

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