TT Talk - Major regulation affecting cargo shipments

According to Information Paper 40/2009 published by ICHCA International, security regulations for air and sea cargoes in the EU and US are being made increasingly strict. Already, specific data on the contents of all containers headed for the US must be sent to the US Customs and Border Protection at least 24 hours before loading at the foreign port. The US is now working toward a 100% cargo screening of everything entering the country by 2010 - a goal that many insist is almost impossible. In a separate initiative, the EC is running trials on technology-based solutions for better container security on imports from Asia to the EU.

In the effort to improve security measures, many worry that the costs will be too high, especially in the current times of economic insecurity. These concerns are well-founded, not only when taking into account the monetary strains but also in considering the immense scale of such requirements.

Many believe a more feasible alternative would be a practical, intelligence-led approach to security through an effective selection process for targeting suspicious cargo. The reality is that regardless of the resolution, there is a steady movement toward more stringent security in the supply chain. This must always be taken into account when planning the transport of goods in order to avoid loss.

Please read the

ICHCA International's Information Paper Number 40

, compiled by the International Security Panel, for more information on this issue.

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