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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly considered by businesses in the context of identifying both risks and opportunities for growth. In some sectors, there is also interest in ESG positions as a means of differentiating between suppliers and service providers.

Inevitably, as the world enters 2021, businesses will be looking back at the experiences through 2020 and reviewing systems and processes. Contingencies and resilience have in the last year proved fundamental to survival. However, the need to invest in the development of employees, particularly the next generation of employees is also critical to ensure a sustainable business model.

In this article, we will explore a number of initiatives that TT embraces with a view to supporting those embarking on or considering a career in logistics. TT Club's mission is to make the global transport and logistics industry safer and more secure; it is with this in mind that we strive to encourage stakeholders to consider risk in the supply chain in greater depth. Risk perception is a foundational focus in everything TT does, whether developing guidance documents, collaborating with like-minded organisations or leading safety initiatives.

"Where risk, safety and security are concerned, there is arguably no better point to influence good practice than when future industry and thought leaders are embarking on their chosen career"

In appreciation of the ever-changing and increasingly complex environment they work in, providing support to industry stakeholders and enabling them to take practical steps to mitigate their exposure to losses is mission-critical. Where risk, safety and security are concerned, there is arguably no better point to influence good practice than when future industry and thought leaders are embarking on their chosen career.

Young forwarders

For over twenty years, TT has sponsored FIATA's Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFY Award). Despite the challenges faced during 2020, the awards attracted many talented candidates from around the world, seeking to represent their respective companies and national forwarding associations. The structure of the competition encourages the candidates, many of whom work in specific business functions, to explore the complexities of the end-to-end supply chain, including risk and insurance.

"the competition encourages the candidates. to explore the complexities of the end to end supply chain"

TT Club recognises the importance of developing and rewarding young talent in the freight forwarding industry. The overall winner of the competition has the opportunity to attend two one-week education sessions at TT's regional offices. We develop a varied program for the overall winner, providing a greater awareness of the importance of risk from an insurance perspective in their roles. TT's aspiration is that all of the candidates who participate in the YIFFY Awards, return to their respective employers with a greater appreciation of the nature of insurance and risk in the supply chain - and, the importance of managing both effectively.

TT are delighted to continue partnering with FIATA through our sponsorship of this prestigious award.

Business on the Move

Many will have faced the challenge of attracting newcomers to the industry. The global supply chain is an industry often misunderstood, without a full appreciation of the depth and scope of career opportunities. Business on the Move is an engaging and thought provoking board game, aimed at introducing players to the exciting world of logistics and global supply chains, an initiative supported by TT Club for both the original 'UK' and the more recent 'Global' editions. This fun, yet educational board game conceptualises a logistics business, moving goods around the globe through intermodal supply chains. 

The game serves to reflect reality accurately; while a primary aim of the game is to develop a sound well considered business strategy, there are numerous vital underlying lessons being learned. The importance for instance of considering carbon footprint, environmental impacts of decisions are portrayed throughout. How do I approach risk and insurance? Will the risk pay off? What are the consequences to my business if the worst happens? 

Business on the Move was developed by two former teachers who wanted to bridge the gap between schools and business. TT continues to be excited by the opportunity to promote a greater awareness among young people of the crucial role supply chain services play in today's global economy, encouraging them to consider this vibrant industry as a career choice.

"awareness among young people of. this vibrant industry as a career choice"

Cargo Packing game

The correct packing of cargo in cargo transport units (CTUs) has been a constant focus for TT for several years. The CTU Code and the importance of its content have driven the strategy more recently to collaborate with the Container Owners Association (COA), Global Shippers Forum (GSF), ICHCA, and World Shipping Council (WSC), in the formation of the Cargo Integrity Group (CIG). The first deliverable from the CIG was the 'CTU Code - a quick guide' and the accompanying check list for packing freight containers.

"A simple, fun and memorable way for actors through the industry to be reminded to engage with the CTU Code"

The complexities of correctly packing and securing cargo within CTUs for intermodal transport cannot be overstated. With a view to illustrating these complexities in an engaging, educational way, TT developed the Container Packing game. This intuitive game represents a CTU and a series of example parcels of cargo, from Dangerous Goods in drums to small but dense packages. The schematic solution is such that the only way that all of the constituent elements of the 'consignment' will fit back inside the CTU is by being positioned consistent with the expectations of the CTU Code. Heavy items on the bottom, Dangerous Goods easily accessible at the rear doors. 

A simple, fun and memorable way for actors through the industry to be reminded to engage with the CTU Code.

Should you wish to contact TT about any of these initiatives or perhaps to discuss your initiatives with us, please do get in touch.


We hope that you have found the above interesting. If you would like further information, or have any comments, please email us, or take this opportunity to forward to any colleagues who you may feel would be interested.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox

Risk Management Director, TT Club


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