Industry data suggests that the road freight market in Russia grew by almost 10% in 2020, despite the effects of the spring lockdown in April-May 2020. 2020 witnessed a notable growth in transportation in Russia in almost all major directions. Transportation from the Moscow region specifically gained momentum, illustrating that the Central region continues to grow as a freight hub.

Cargo theft in Russia has become a lucrative industry, running into 100’s millions of dollars, plaguing local supply chains, disrupting local and international business. Cargo theft incidents range from small-scale pilferage and curtain slashing, while vehicles are parked at unsecured parking areas, to full-truckload theft and warehouse burglaries.

Organised criminal networks continuously seek ways to evade security controls to access, transport, and realise funds from legitimate goods on the grey market. All categories of goods are at risk of theft particularly during road haulage. The modus operandi used to carry out theft are striking in their diversity, however most cargo thefts are facilitated through complicated multistage fraud schemes involving fake carriers, smart front drivers and forged registration of vehicles. The insider threat is also high, where logistics managers are able to create accounts for logistics companies on various internet freight exchanges.

In developing this report, IMPACT, TT Club and TAPA recognise that there is a need to increase risk awareness and promote efficient preventative security processes. Providing meaningful cargo crime data and analysis thereof will empower the logistics and manufacturing industries operating in Russia to improve understanding of the risks and mitigation of their exposure.


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