CTU Code

Quick Guide to the CTU Code

Working extensively with partners in the Cargo Integrity Group (COA, GSF, ICHCA, TT Club & WSC), we have compiled ‘CTU Code – a quick guide’ as a route-map for the broad industry to engage more successfully with the CTU Code and to assist wider understanding of good packing practices.

Using diagrams aimed to clarify the entire process and icons to emphasise key do’s and don’ts, the condensed text follows the end-to-end cargo packing process, in much the same way as the CTU Code itself, with appropriate references to the full Code.

Container Packing Checklist

The Cargo Integrity Group has devised this added-value clear process checklist for intermodal freight containers for safe packing and avoidance of pest contamination based on CTU Code. This checklist sequences the main check-points from a container packer’s perspective, supporting sound decision-making. Successful completion facilitates safe and secure dispatch of a container. Use of this can be in paper form or as an editable PDF; this may be retained as a record of the packing process for each packed container.

Download both the CTU Code  Quick Guide and the Container Packing Checklist below.


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