Loss Prevention a year in focus 2023


This “Year in focus” brochure takes a look back over the full 12 months of 2023 at some of the key topics that TT has covered, the key events attended and the initiatives launched, all in the name of promoting safety, security and sustainability throughout the global supply chain.

2023 was a year that witnessed a renewed focus and commitment towards loss prevention activities, with additional emphasis placed on the Club’s mission statement to make the industry safer, more secure and more sustainable. Pivotal to TT’s mutual ethos, the loss prevention function strives to guide those TT insures – and indeed the wider industry – in all aspects of risk through the container transport and global logistics supply chain.

Underlining the Club’s ongoing dedication to providing valuable loss prevention guidance, a commitment of
additional resource was made in 2023 with two new colleagues joining the function. Josh Finch joined in May as Logistics Risk Manager and Neil Dalus joined in June as EMEA Risk Assessment Manager. Josh and Neil bring a wealth of industry expertise to the team and will be invaluable in delivering against the Club’s business plan and mission statement.

A more purposeful focus on Member engagement commenced in 2023 that will continue into 2024 and beyond. Increased Member visits, risk assessments, engagements at industry events and consultancy style engagements on a global scale have all been possible with the increased resource.

TT’s monthly loss prevention newsletter, TT Talk, passed a milestone of 300 editions in July. For over twenty - five years the monthly, online newsletter has extended awareness of, and offered advice on how to mitigate specific risks to an audience of the Club’s Members as well as the industry at large.

The team is looking forward to delivering an increased impact through 2024 and beyond.

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