StopLoss: container loss

Inventory control or theft?

Containers go missing almost every day. In most cases the loss is not physical but caused by incorrect data entry in a container inventory. Such inventory or temporary losses may be difficult to identify, but at some point, the missing container number will be entered into the control system as having been physically located and the system will then start to account for that unit again.

Far more difficult to control is the calculated and deliberate physical theft of containers by well-organised groups. Theft has been occurring in large or small ways all over the world and often the container owners feel that it is impossible to combat. It is only when there is a concentration of container theft in a particular area that a need arises to do something about it.

As with inventory control, matters will not correct themselves, some checks and balances need to be put in place to help reduce the occurrence of theft. It is most likely that theft will occur prior to the export of a consignment as the boxes are empty and there is no cargo to account for. The items set out below are not exhaustive but may be of use in combating container theft. A genuine customer should not object to these checks.


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