TT Club, BSI and ALOG Chile | Freight crime in Chilean supply chains


TT Club, BSI and ALOG Chile identified a spike in freight crime activity through 2022 in Chile. The increased frequency of incident was highlighted in the data collated by all three organisations for the year. This joint industry report is intended to raise awareness of the current elevated threat, providing insight from all three organisations, with the aspiration of empowering freight and logistics operators with valuable information from which risk mitigation strategies can be developed.

Freight crime continues to adversely affect those responsible for maintaining security through national and international supply chains. The risks identified through this report are diverse, as with other countries and regions, the criminals behind freight crime activity are agile, reacting quickly to changes in market forces and opportunities from emerging weaknesses in the supply chain. 

Recognising that the associated risk landscape is dynamic, the three organisations have compiled risk mitigation guidance that operators can consider when assessing their own respective risk profile.Signum Services responded to and investigated a series of cargo theft incidents in Chile through 2022 on behalf of TT Club. One factor determined through investigation was that criminals appeared to be accessing vital data that enabled them to access cargo at will. Part of the strategy was then arranging collections by unwitting or fictitious trucking companies.


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