IMT's Temperature Alert System: Revolutionizing Safety

Innovation in Safety Award - Finalist IMT
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IMT (Intermodal Telematics) has emerged as a finalist for the prestigious Innovation in Safety Award. With the collaboration of a dedicated team, IMT has developed a ground-breaking Temperature Alert System that addresses the critical need for safety in the transportation of dangerous goods. This article delves into the details of this innovation, highlighting its significance and impact on the industry.

The Importance of Safety

Preventing Disastrous Scenarios Recognizing the potential devastating consequences of accidents involving dangerous goods, IMT emphasizes the paramount importance of prioritizing safety. The aim is to prevent human casualties, material damage, claims, reputational loss, and loss of business.

The Challenge

Monitoring and Data Transmission Monitoring dangerous goods worldwide posed a significant challenge for IMT. The company needed to invent and develop a sensor capable of accurately sensing and transmitting temperature data. Additionally, they aimed to establish a software system to set temperature limits and send timely alerts without human intervention.

Overcoming Challenges

Autonomous Sensor and Global Communication IMT tackled the challenge by inventing an autonomous sensor that could operate for approximately 10 years while being ATEX certified. Furthermore, they developed a multiple alerting system that ensured global communication over various networks, enabling seamless monitoring of goods worldwide.

IMT's Temperature Alert System

Enhancing Safety Measures IMT's innovation centres around a temperature sensor that not only measures temperature but also transmits the data. The main gateway or GPS device, equipped with a solar panel and quadruple modem, sends temperature and location data every five minutes to the IMT system. By continuously monitoring temperature variations, automated alerts are triggered when thresholds or limits are exceeded, enabling timely preventive actions.

Wide Implementation and Positive Impact

IMT's Temperature Alert System has gained significant traction, with over 80,000 units installed globally. This innovative solution empowers operators to monitor dangerous goods effectively, taking preventive measures to ensure the safe transportation of cargo.

Drivers Behind the Innovation

Transparency in goods being transported and cost reduction regarding transported cargo were the primary drivers behind IMT's Temperature Alert System. By providing real-time data on cargo conditions, the system enhances transparency, while reducing costs for logistics companies, thus optimizing their operations.

IMT's Temperature Alert System stands out as a remarkable innovation. By combining advanced sensor technology, a robust software system, and global communication capabilities, IMT has revolutionized safety measures for the transportation of dangerous goods.

This ground-breaking solution not only promotes transparency and cost reduction but also plays a crucial role in preventing dangerous situations and safeguarding the well-being of people and cargo worldwide

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