Innovation in Safety Award - Finalist - Exis Technologies

Innovation in Safety Award - Finalist Exis Technologies
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Exis Technologies: Revolutionising Safety in the Maritime Industry with Hazcheck Detect

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Exis Technologies, a small software organisation based in the Northeast of England, has made significant strides in ensuring the safety of life and cargo at sea. With a focus on dangerous goods and their safe transport on vessels, Exis Technologies has developed innovative software solutions that have garnered recognition and made them a finalist for the prestigious Innovation in Safety Award. In this article, we delve into their ground-breaking solution, Hazcheck Detect, and its impact on the maritime industry. 

Exis Technologies: A Brief Introduction 

Exis Technologies is a not-for-profit organisation driven by its mission to enhance safety in the maritime sector. With a team of 25 to 26 dedicated professionals, they specialise in producing software solutions for e-learning, primarily centred around dangerous goods and their transportation. Their flagship software, Hazcheck, is widely adopted by nine out of the top ten shipping lines for validating declared dangerous goods shipments. 

Hazcheck Detect: Advancing Safety Measures 

Hazcheck Detect, introduced three years ago as an API solution, has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. With real-time integration into clients' booking systems, Hazcheck Detect screens booking information against an extensive library of rules. It swiftly identifies potential hits, enabling teams to focus their attention on investigating these specific areas of concern. 

The magnitude of Hazcheck Detect's impact is evident from its rapid adoption, with five shipping lines already utilising the solution. Currently, an estimated 30% of global container volumes undergo screening by Hazcheck Detect, accounting for approximately 500,000 daily booking items. With an average response time of just 9 seconds, this efficient screening process empowers teams to make informed decisions promptly. 

The Power of Hazcheck Detect: Preventing Misdeclaration and Undeclared Cargo 

Hazcheck Detect's primary objective is to prevent the loading or arrival of mis-declared and undeclared cargos on vessels. By identifying data discrepancies within clients' booking systems, the software effectively flags potential hazards. This becomes crucial since, without proper declaration, dangerous goods may not appear on the manifest, leaving ship planners unaware of the associated risks. Hazcheck Detect acts as an essential checkpoint in ensuring compliance and safety throughout the supply chain. 

How Hazcheck Detect Helps: Uncovering Clues and Addressing Knowledge Gaps 

Hazcheck Detect operates using an extensive set of rules designed to identify hazardous cargo accurately. One noteworthy example is the detection of mis-declared and undeclared goods, where the system reveals inconsistencies between the cargo's UN number and the booking's declaration. This highlights the critical role of Hazcheck Detect in pinpointing data anomalies and promoting transparency within booking systems. 

In some instances, identifying dangerous goods becomes challenging, even for industry professionals. Hazcheck Detect assists by recognizing various keywords, trade names, technical names, and synonyms associated with hazardous cargo. By presenting these instances to users, the software facilitates informed decision-making and prompts specialised dangerous goods teams within shipping organisations to take necessary actions. 

Ensuring Consistency: Collaboration and Rule Implementation 

To ensure consistent and reliable results, Exis Technologies actively collaborates with multiple shipping lines and industry stakeholders. Through regular industry workshops, they address the need for a uniform approach to cargo screening rules. By applying these rules to each customer's data, regardless of the specific rules they use, Hazcheck Detect delivers consistent outcomes. This collaboration guarantees that cancelled bookings with one operator are likely to be cancelled by others as well, promoting standardised safety practices across the industry. 

Continuous Improvement: Data Analysis and Rule Enhancement 

With a wealth of data collected through Hazcheck Detect, Exis Technologies seeks to enhance its analytical capabilities. By analysing this data and identifying trends, they aim to further refine the rules and improve the system's effectiveness. This ongoing commitment to rule improvement ensures that Hazcheck Detect stays up-to-date with emerging risks and remains a vital tool in combating the misdeclaration and undeclaration of cargo. 

The Potential of Data Sharing and Industry Awareness 

Data plays a crucial role in enhancing safety measures and industry-wide awareness. While sharing the data collected by Hazcheck Detect poses certain challenges due to confidentiality concerns, Exis Technologies is actively working on anonymizing the information. This anonymization process would allow them to share valuable insights with the industry, promoting greater awareness and understanding of the hazards associated with cargo transportation. By leveraging this data and collaborating with industry stakeholders, Exis Technologies aims to foster a culture of compliance and responsibility. 

Impact Beyond Shipping Lines: Terminal Safety and Compliance 

Hazcheck Detect's significance extends beyond shipping lines to terminal operators. Terminal facilities also play a critical role in ensuring the safe handling of hazardous cargo. With Hazcheck Detect's ability to identify and relay crucial information about container contents, terminals can make informed decisions and enforce appropriate safety protocols. This comprehensive approach to safety promotes a seamless and secure flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain. 

Collaboration and Continuous Progress 

Exis Technologies recognizes that innovation is an ongoing process and understands the immense potential for collaboration within the maritime industry. By actively engaging with customers and incorporating their feedback, they continuously improve Hazcheck Detect's functionality and address evolving industry needs. The company is committed to providing enhanced analysis capabilities, expanding data sharing initiatives, and refining rules to stay one step ahead of potential risks. 


Exis Technologies and their innovative software solution, Hazcheck Detect, have emerged as a frontrunner in revolutionising safety measures within the maritime industry. Through real-time screening, efficient hit generation, and an emphasis on collaboration and data analysis, Hazcheck Detect has become an indispensable tool for shipping lines, terminals, and dangerous goods teams.  

As Exis Technologies continues to refine and expand their solution, the industry can look forward to enhanced safety, improved compliance, and a more secure environment for the transportation of dangerous goods at sea.


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