The Winning presentation of the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award

Innovation in Safety Award - Winner Maersk
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The Vessel Safety Inspection App: A Revolutionary Innovation in Safety

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The Vessel Safety Inspection app has emerged as a game-changer in the maritime industry, revolutionising safety measures and enhancing efficiency. This article explores the winning presentation of the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award, which highlights the app's significance in ensuring the safety of stevedores and improving operations.

Recognizing the Risks

Stevedoring Activities in Terminal Operations Stevedoring activities are acknowledged as one of the riskiest aspects of terminal operations. The presentation emphasises the unpredictable and dynamic work environment faced by stevedores, emphasising the need for proactive safety measures.

The Need for Mitigation

Ensuring Safe Vessel Boarding Understanding the hazards faced by stevedores when boarding vessels, the organisation recognized the need for mitigating risks associated with unsafe vessels. The vessel safety inspection serves as a crucial step in ensuring the safety of personnel. 

Synergizing Safety Efforts

Collaboration Between Terminal and Vessel Operators The presentation stresses the importance of collaboration between terminal and vessel operators, emphasising that safety responsibility falls upon both parties. By joining inspections, industry-wide transformation and enhanced safety can be achieved.

Standardising and Simplifying Inspections 

The Role of the Vessel Safety Inspection App (APMT) brings standardisation and simplification to the vessel inspection process. Through a set of predefined questions and visual aids, inspectors can identify and evaluate risks consistently, report them uniformly, and respond accordingly. 

Enhancing Efficiency

Simplifying Inspection and Reporting, the app streamlines the inspection and reporting process, making it easier for inspectors. By utilising visual references and generating reports directly on mobile devices, inspectors can efficiently document their findings and ensure consistency. 

Data Utilisation

Insights and Trends for Better Decision-Making With hundreds of inspectors globally and thousands of inspections conducted, the presentation highlights the value of the data collected. The data is fed into an interactive dashboard, enabling a comprehensive overview of vessel conditions worldwide. This empowers stakeholders to make more informed and proactive decisions.

Training and Qualifications

Ensuring Competence and Risk Assessment Inspectors undergo a comprehensive training program to familiarise themselves with the app and develop the necessary skills to assess risks accurately. This training enables them to differentiate critical risks from superficial defects, ensuring appropriate action is taken.

Industry-wide Benefits

Safer Operations and Time Savings The app's impact extends beyond individual organisations, benefitting the industry as a whole. By analysing data and identifying vessel conditions in advance, terminal operators can proactively plan loading and discharge operations, saving time and optimising efficiency. 


The Vessel Safety Inspection app has revolutionised safety measures in the maritime industry by standardising inspections, simplifying reporting, and utilising data for informed decision-making. Through collaboration, standardisation, and efficient processes, the app has significantly contributed to safer operations, mitigated risks, and enhanced overall efficiency in terminal operations.

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