Interview with HCB Live: episode 4 - the Club's innovation in the industry

Interview with HCB Live episode 4 the Clubs innovation in the industry
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In this instalment, Peregrine talks about how TT Club, with many partners, has been working to increase awareness and education on cargo integrity. The whole industry needs to work together to promote best practices and reduce the number of unfortunate incidents appearing all too often in the media.

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TT Club's Efforts to Reduce Container Ship Fires: Promoting Safety and Cargo Integrity  

Container ship fires pose a significant risk within the maritime industry, leading to substantial losses and potential dangers. TT Club, as an insurer, has taken proactive measures to address the rising number and severity of container ship fires. In this article, we explore the initiatives undertaken by TT Club to enhance safety, promote awareness, and improve cargo integrity. 

  1. Publicising Incidents and Sharing Best Practices: 

    TT Club, along with other insurers, has been dedicated to publicising incidents and showcasing best practices to mitigate container ship fires. Through various publications and guidance materials like "Book it right, Pack it Tight," the club aims to raise awareness among industry stakeholders about crucial factors to consider when packing cargo. 
  2. Collaborating for Cargo Integrity: 

    Recognizing the importance of cargo integrity, TT Club has collaborated with industry partners, such as the Global Shippers Forum, ICHCA, World Shipping Council, and CINS (Cargo Incident Notification System). Together, they strive to promote good practices in cargo packing and adherence to the Cargo Transport Unit (CTU) code established by IMO, ILO, and UNEC. This collaboration aims to ensure consistent compliance and reduce risks associated with improperly packed or secured cargo.
  3. Fostering Awareness of the CTU Code:

    Despite the significance of the CTU code, awareness within the shipping industry remains limited. TT Club actively engages with stakeholders, including shippers, shipper associations, and competent authorities, to increase awareness and understanding of the CTU code. By building a broad stakeholder group, TT Club aims to empower the message of compliance with the code's elements tailored to specific commodities or packing methods.  
  4. Encouraging Dialogue and Collaboration: 

    TT Club encourages dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders, including customs authorities, to address concerns related to cargo safety and facilitate information exchange. Recognizing that issues identified at customs may indicate potential safety hazards, TT Club promotes a holistic approach and collaboration to ensure safer practices throughout the supply chain.
  5. The Path to Safer Shipping: 

    With insurers, shippers, shipowners, ports, and terminals aligning their efforts, there is hope for a notable improvement in container ship fire records and dangerous goods incidents. Although the complexity of the supply chain and diverse stakeholder attitudes present challenges, TT Club remains committed to pursuing long-term change and fostering a culture of safety.  


TT Club's initiatives and collaborations reflect their commitment to reducing the number and severity of container ship fires. By promoting safety practices, raising awareness of the CTU code, and fostering collaboration across the industry, TT Club strives to enhance cargo integrity and ensure a safer maritime environment. While the journey may be long and intricate, the collective efforts of stakeholders offer hope for a future with fewer incidents and improved safety standards.

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