As ports and terminals diversify into other activities like freight forwarding and logistics they need insurance that is flexible enough to cover new risks and eventualities.

As well as port liability risks, TT Club cover can be tailored to address the combination of commercial and environmental risks faced by port authorities and terminal operators. This might include insurance for property and handling equipment against accidental damage, weather damage, machinery breakdown or increased cost of working following an accident.

Who we insure:

  • Airfreight handing terminals
  • Automated terminals
  • Bulk liquid terminals
  • Bulk marine terminals
  • Container terminals
  • Marine terminals
  • Port authorities
  • River terminals

Typical cover for ports and terminals

No two ports or terminals are the same. That’s why we tailor-make policies to reflect the risks you face. Typically, cover may include: 

  • Liabilities for loss of, or damage to, cargo, customers' equipment and ships
  • Loss of, or damage to, equipment including loss due to strikes, riots and terrorist risks
  • Liabilities arising from errors and omissions including delay and unauthorised delivery
  • Third party liabilities including impact and sudden accidental pollution
  • Fines for regulatory breach such as customs, pollution and safety at work
  • Wreck removal costs
  • Investigation, defence and mitigation costs
  • Disposal costs following an accident
  • Quarantine and disinfection costs 

Additional cover

TT Club cover is designed to operate alongside other insurances, minimising the chance of gaps or overlapping covers. Additional cover for ports and terminals can include:

  • Business interruption risks
  • Fire legal liability
  • Hull and P&I risks
  • Infringement of personal rights
  • Liability as a supplier of advice and information
  • Locomotives and rolling stock
  • Machinery and handling equipment
  • Property, from docks and berths to wharfs and jetties
  • Rail and road infrastructure
  • Ships' agency liabilities

So much more than insurance

As well as offering specialist cargo handling insurance, we provide our Members with loss prevention advice, helping you to control risks, reduce exposure to potential claims and adopt best practice. Our knowledgeable and experienced claims service around the globe helps to settle claims quickly and efficiently to our Members' advantage wherever possible.

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Avoiding $100m litigation

When a gas pipeline at the outer anchorage of a port was damaged, our Member became involved in claims in excess of US$100 million. The club was able to negotiate satisfactory terms of settlement prior to the trial, saving lengthy litigation and associated costs.

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