The container packing game

Some say that “any fool can stuff a container” but at TT Club, we understand the complexities and importance of correctly packed cargo. TT Club developed the Container Packing Game as a simplified but fun way to highlight some key packing skills. The game consists of blocks of various shapes and sizes, which need to be packed correctly into a scale model container. The blocks display their nominal mass and a number of other symbols that are commonly used in the industry to denote specific risks. By attending to the symbols etched onto the blocks, looking out for fragile or dangerous goods, it is possible to ensure that your container has optimal load distribution and is safe. In this simplified game schema, if packed correctly, your container would be likely to proceed through the supply chain without incident.

While it may be entertaining to pack against a stopwatch, we’d urge you to remember that accuracy is more valuable than speed! If you’d like to try your hand at achieving packing perfection, please contact

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