Modernising lighting infrastructure at APM Terminals Vado Ligure

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APM Terminals' port system in Vado Ligure comprises two integrated terminals: the existing Reefer Terminal and the newly established Vado Gateway, which operates semi-automated facilities. Positioned strategically, the Vado Port System provides efficient access to central and northern European markets such as Switzerland, Germany, France, and various regions in Northern Italy.

Challenges posed by aging infrastructure 

The legacy lighting infrastructure at Vado Ligure's Reefer Terminal posed numerous challenges, extending beyond outdated luminaires. The use of aging gas-based bulbs resulted in high operational costs and inefficiencies in energy consumption. Furthermore, the infrastructure itself had deteriorated over time. APM Terminals faced issues including high power consumption, diminished visibility affecting productivity, and structural strain on high-mast installations due to outdated fittings and obsolete platform crowns. Additionally, light spillage into adjacent tourist areas necessitated urgent attention to mitigate environmental concerns and regulatory pressures.

Provided Solutions and Services:

Key achievements:

  • Increased average illuminance by 6 times, from 20 to 60 lux.
  • Significant enhancement in lighting uniformity.
  • Reduced power consumption from 160kw to 84kw.
  • Annual energy savings estimated at €100,000.

Implementing a Comprehensive Solution

Midstream, appointed through a competitive tender process, undertook the task of overhauling the Reefer Terminal's lighting system. Alongside the installation of new luminaires, the project encompassed the modernisation and optimisation of supporting infrastructure. Decades-old wiring was replaced, and new electrical cabinets were installed at the base of each mast to ensure robustness and reliability.

To address concerns regarding mast stability, Midstream engineered a tailor-made lightweight crown solution. This innovation, combined with the installation of Modus R1000 luminaires, significantly reduced the overall weight of the fittings by approximately 75%. Consequently, lux values tripled, power consumption halved, and light spillage was effectively controlled. The result is a future-ready lighting system at Vado Ligure, delivering substantial cost savings of approximately €100,000 annually in energy expenditure alone.

Jacopo Belforte, Facility Consultant at Vado Reefer Terminal, praised the project's success, acknowledging Midstream Lighting's expertise and state-of-the-art solutions, which have garnered positive feedback for operational efficiency and security enhancements.

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