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For decades, TT Club has supported a range of organisations and initiatives aligned to the Club’s mission of making the transport and logistics industry safer and more secure. Here, we profile a selection of these, providing updates and highlighting the importance of each.

TT Club’s Innovation in Safety Award

Partnering with ICHCA International, the Innovation in Safety Award is now in its fifth iteration. These awards were established to celebrate and profile safety innovation in the global freight supply chain. While recognition remains important, the Innovation in Safety Award is more than just a celebration of the shortlisted finalists and the overall winner. The award is also about raising awareness, networking, learning, disseminating exciting safety opportunities and thought leadership.

The priority is to share the safety ideas that have proven to enhance safety

The priority is to share the safety ideas that have proven to enhance safety in particular operations with as wide an audience as possible, recognising that any of the entries could be an operator’s next giant leap in improving their health and safety environment. In recognition of the valuable contribution made by all entrants, a digest is published each year illustrating all of the submissions to the awards, providing insight into a wide range of safety innovations and processes, each one of which may have the potential to be transformative.

The award continues to provide direct evidence that the industry is actively innovating and changing. It sets a challenge to everyone to raise standards and ensure that people who are keeping the world’s freight supply chain going, get to go home from work in the same condition that they arrived. The 2021 award winner, Viking HydroPen, has since progressed to be one of the primary providers of ship cargo fire protection solutions

Without innovation, the risk profile does not change. Since inception, over 100 innovative solutions have been submitted for scrutiny by the judges, a diverse range of industry experts. The implemented initiatives have undoubtedly had a positive impact on safety through the supply chain. The shortlisted finalists and ultimate overall winner for the 2022 award will be announced during a live event held in London on 23 February 2023.

Without innovation, the risk profile does not change

TT Club and ICHCA continue to challenge the industry and innovators to collaborate and deliver ever more robust and transformative solutions to the safety challenges faced. A related initiative, the Safety Village, will once again be hosted during the TOC Europe event in June 2023 in Rotterdam, contact to find out more.


TT Club has sponsored FIATA’s Young Logistics Professional Award for nearly a quarter of a century, recognising the value and importance of providing training and education to the next generation in the forwarding and logistics sector. Each year young candidates from national freight forwarding associations globally take part in an award program to be crowned the Young Logistics Professional of the year.

Writing a 6,000 word dissertation that depicts an import and export movement from their native country, the candidates have ample opportunity to demonstrate their expertise. In 2022 during the FIATA World Congress hosted in Busan South Korea, the overall Young Logistics Professional of the year was awarded to Karina Perez Perez, representing the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA). Karina’s dissertation described the movement of oversized diesel generators from Germany to Canada and pesticides from Canada to Peru, shipments with myriad complexities and challenges to overcome. As a part of the prize sponsored by TT Club, Karina will visit TT’s London office in March 2023.

Pleasingly, many of the dissertations submitted for the 2022 award gave recognition to the importance of ESG policies, particularly the challenges that the industry faces on its journey to net zero emissions. This demonstrates the younger generation’s passion for addressing this challenge in the coming years.

TT Club & TAPA EMEA’s “young security professional of the year”

A new initiative for 2023, this award recognises that the bright young minds of the industry will likely deliver the next step change in supply chain security. The award seeks to identify, inspire and reward young talent in the industry, encouraging them to continue to develop and innovate in this industry sector.

Supply chain security remains an important area of risk for TT Club and the entire industry. Upon identifying good practice or innovative security solutions, the awards initiative aims to promote and share ideas across industry for the benefit of all. As well as duly recognising the talents of the individuals, TT hopes that the solutions identified through the program each year will help supply chain operators mitigate associated security risks.

The solutions identified… will help supply chain operators mitigate associated security risks

The shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend TAPA’s annual conference in June, where their initiatives will be discussed and celebrated with an overall annual winner announced. 

The Seahorse Journalist Awards

Recognising excellence in journalism across the transport and logistics industry, the Seahorse Freight Association reintroduced, at the end of 2022, its awards ceremony, celebrating the industry’s leading journalists. For many years, TT Club has sponsored the Rising Star award category (previously known as Newcomer of the Year), with the knowledge that young journalists will shape our industry’s narrative and raise awareness of the key issues, present and future.

TT Club values the importance of supporting trade journalism. Apart from being essential to ensure TT’s voice and messaging are disseminated, conveying good practice while highlighting risk through the supply chain, it is important to attract, retain and develop journalists who are passionate and well-informed for the freight industry.

The latest awards ceremony was hosted in December 2022 in London, during which Michelle Mooney of Logistics Manager was announced as winner of the Rising Star award. Jack Donnelly of Port Technology International was highly commended in the same category.

Forward looking

TT Club knows that future change stems from invested effort today. The industry as a whole benefits when the individuals working to effect change, be they innovators, young freight forwarders, security professionals or journalists, are supported, guided and recognised in order to reach their full potential.

Future change stems from invested effort today


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