TT Talk - Weighing in - again!

The TT Club, as a leading liability and equipment insurer through the supply chain has been a proponent of ensuring that containerised cargo weight declaration is accurate. This item provides feedback on the TT Talk survey carried out in July 2011. While the survey did not capture details about the respondents, such as from what part of the industry they came, separate email correspondence evidences that there was representation across the industry, from liner operators, forwarders and terminals. In summary, the results seem to suggest a 50:50 division of whether units declared as empty should be exempted from weight verification, but a substantial majority in favour of a reasonable, but modest, tolerance between declared, certified and actual weight being allowed and also strong agreement that verification of weight needs to be done at the earliest possible point in the transport chain (such as the point of packing or consolidation). In a similar way, the majority believe that it is effective for the certified weight receipt to accompany transport documentation.

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