We put our Members at the heart of the process, which means that you can decide how you would like us to handle your claim. You can handle the claim yourself with advice and support from your broker or us, or if it gets complex or is legally advantageous for you to the place the matter ‘at arms length’ we can take over the claim.

Claim management

The TT Club uses Thomas Miller to handle claims. Using their worldwide office, supplemented with approved independent Network Partners, enables us to respond to claims in a time zone that suits you, with experts on the ground who fully understand local jurisdiction and procedures.

The cost of handling a claim

All claims work carried out, whether by the Managers, Network Partners or other suppliers (like surveyors for example), is subject to a fee, which is entered against the claim record. You can view all of these costs via our ClaimTrac service.

Meeting with us

We can visit you to discuss a claim, offer training to your claims handlers and provide loss prevention support. Alternatively you are welcome to make a visit to us. Please speak to your broker or claims contact to arrange this.


You are obliged under your terms of entry to protect your rights of recovery and our subrogated rights against other parties, including your sub-contractors, who may have caused or contributed to an incident for which you are likely to be held liable, or who may otherwise be liable. In order to preserve these rights of recourse you must assume that it is necessary to:

  • Notify the recourse party immediately – many contracts require notification within a week or less
  • Take steps to avoid the claim becoming time barred
  • If you have any doubts on this matter, you should discuss recourse with your claims contact 

Time bars and extensions

A time bar period is the period within which you can start a legal claim against a third party. This may be as short as six months in some jurisdictions. To interrupt a time bar you must: 

  • Obtain a written time extension from the party concerned (where legally possible) or;
  • Issue proceedings (usually by way of a lawyer) within the time bar period

You should consult with your claims contact before considering either of these steps.

If you are asked to give a time extension, you should refer the matter to us before granting it. If for some reason you are unable to get hold of us in matters of extreme urgency and you have to grant the extension without consulting us, this should be done without prejudice to liability and for as short a period as acceptable to the claimant.


You should always contact us before appointing a lawyer. There is considerable expertise amongst our staff, and Network Partners, which means that a claim can either be handled without the appointment of a lawyer or a recommendation can be made regarding an appropriate appointment.


The most common guarantee provided by us is in respect of General Average or Salvage contributions. We have long standing arrangements with both salvors and average adjustors which enables security to be issued promptly and efficiently causing minimum disruption to your business. This can either be for contributions on equipment insured by us, or to release containers of groupage cargo where a forwarder Member may find it difficult to collect in time individual guarantees on all consignments. We may require a counter-guarantee for the applicable deductible.


After approval by us and payment of a claim for your legal liability, you may submit a claim for reimbursement from the Club. Your request for reimbursement should be accompanied by reasonable evidence of the payment by you of the subject claim. To process a reimbursement we will require:

  • Summary of the claim amount, applicable deductible(s) and net reimbursement request presented on your company letterhead
  • Documentation to support each element of your claim
  • An executed release with the claimant
  • Copy of the payment made by you to the claimant
  • Your bank details. We have a bank request form which can be downloaded from our website.

You must present your claim for reimbursement to us within one year of paying a liability claim or, in the case of loss or damage to your insured equipment, within one year from the date of the loss. 

Credit control

Please note that we are unable to reimburse claims or provide guarantees on your behalf if your premium is outstanding. If you make a claim on us that is held for this reason, we will immediately communicate with you or your broker to resolve the matter.

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Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Limited, registered in Bermuda (Company number: 1750) is authorised and regulated in Bermuda by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. 

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