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Book it right and pack it tight

As part of our commitment to continued knowledge transfer, the Loss Prevention Department of the UK P&I and TT Club have updated and consolidated our industry leading “Book it right and pack it tight” publications, to bring it in-line with the most current thinking and regulations.

1 January 2020 marked the date of mandatory enforcement of the latest version of the IMDG Code, Amendment 39-18. As a consequence, UKP&I  and TT have again collaborated to update their publication ‘Book it right and pack it tight’. This guide provides key insights for all actors in the freight supply chain responsible for preparing unitised consignments for carriage by sea. The guide is intended to provide an overview of the key practical duties under the IMDG Code for each stakeholder, while not seeking to meet the mandatory training requirements.

Book it right and pack it tight

The Importance of Maintenance - a handbook for non-engineers

Asset management is of great importance to any business. Maintenance - the maintaining and monitoring of assets - is an integratal and important part of asset management. This handbook addresses issues relating to the maintentance of infrstructure and equipment in a port facility.

Conventions for the International Carriage of Goods

This handbook seeks to bring greater clarity to the complex world of international carriage conventions. It offers a user-friendly guide to what conventions are in use in which countries, and describes the main provisions of each convention. The Handbook is designed specifically for transport managers who do not have a legal background, but who have to deal with claims and insurance for their companies. It features a quick cross-reference guide showing which conventions apply in which countries, and uses a standard question and answer format to analyse the provisions and requirements of each convention.

Windstorm II: Practical risk management guidance for marine & inland terminals

Storm damage accounts for some of the biggest losses in the marine and inland terminal industry. The Club has produced a substantially revised risk management guide to assist operators manage the risk and prevent losses relating to wind storms. In this guide, the Club has brought together the shared knowledge and experience of operators and experts in managing storm damage, in collaboration with the International Safety Panel of ICHCA International.

Supply Chain Security: Management, initiatives & technologies

The publication aims to define the principles of security in the supply chain and to guide all operators in the supply chain on how to enhance value through effective security implementation. It not only promotes good practice but also explains why security need not be seen as an unnecessary drain on resources and can actually provide a significant contribution to the bottom line. The booklet provides an overview of current security initiatives and technologies available to assist, but is centred on the premise that the ISO 28000:2007 management standard offers a valuable framework for implementation.

Terminal security

The publication aims to outline a number of general principles of good security practice as well as to offer specific recommendations to particular circumstances. Preventative security measures, although not necessarily either easy or cheap, are invariably more cost-effective and less disruptive than reactive ones.

Published 1997

The Box: An anthology celebrating 50 years of containerisation

This Anthology sets out to recall some of the memories and milestones of the container industry over the last 50 years. Readers of this book will find few references to the TT Club as such. Instead we have tried to capture aspects of the restless and changing industry the Club has served since 1968.

Originally published in 1996. Republished with additional material in 2006.

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